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Rain Intelligence leverages advanced technology to uncover potential class action lawsuits. Our robust reporting provides Plaintiff side class action firms with the valuable data they need to uncover their largest and most successful cases.

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Want to file more class actions based on verified evidence of wrong doing?

With Rain Intelligence, you gain access to comprehensive reports and robust leads for potential class action lawsuits. Our advanced technology scours the internet, providing you with the information you need to pursue successful cases.

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Recently filed cases

Here are some of the latest cases we have helped move forward thanks to our services.

Antitrust class action against large luxury brand for monopolizing the market for certain luxury goods

One of the largest companies in the world engaged in anti-competitive conduct by conspiring to artificially inflate the price of products by as much as 1000%.

Autorenewal Law class action against media company for deceptively charging customers

Sports media company tricked customers by signing them up for auto-renewing subscriptions without their knowledge.

Defective products class action against Fortune 500 company for dangerous defect

Large electronics manufacturer sold appliances with a dangerous fire hazard that caused fires and injuries to thousands of consumers.

Class actions against health care providers to sharing sensitive patient information with advertisers

Several healthcare providers installed software on their websites which allowed advertisers to learn sensitive patient information and use it for targeted advertising purposes.


We uncover patterns of data that indicate widespread issues.

At Rain Intelligence, we use advanced technology to scout different sources across the internet and find potential class action lawsuits for our clients. Our robust reporting provides comprehensive information on these findings, giving class action firms the leads they need to pursue these cases.

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Our reports provide detailed evidence of consumer harm and corporate wrongdoing.

Our advanced technology enables us to provide class action firms with comprehensive and detailed reports on potential lawsuits. With our robust reporting, you can stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions on which cases to pursue.

Enact justice

You receive meritorious cases based on strong evidence so you can pursue justice confidently.

With Rain Intelligence, you can maximize your success by gaining access to a steady stream of class action leads. Our technology and expertise ensure that you never miss out on potential lawsuits, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

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Rain Intelligence's hammer of Justice

Find the next opportunity to protect consumers from corporate wrongdoing

Rain Intelligence scouts the internet to find potential class action lawsuits for you.

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We use proprietary, AI-Powered technology to identify every new class action filed and every new investigation launched.


Our Experts

Meet the expert team behind Rain Intelligence, dedicated to helping consumer fight back against corporate wrongdoing.

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Lead Claim Evaluator
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